Senior Data Engineer

London (UK), Amsterdam (NL) or remote in UK or NL


We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to help develop the intelligence for our Talent Platform, working closely with our Head of Data and supporting the Product team. We use TensorFlow for our Deep Learning networks and are also exploring the data using other methods (regression, clustering etc), so you'll likely use something like scikit-learn - we'd love your help in choosing the best tools.


  • have 3+ years of hands-on experience in Machine Learning and Data Analysis. Production experience with TensorFlow is preferable, but can be offset by otherwise excellent skillset and ability to learn
  • take ownership of your projects and see them through completion
  • are passionate about data analysis and machine learning applied to real-life applications
  • prefer to focus on the ultimate goal of what you're developing, not getting distracted by perfectionism, academicism or vanity metrics
  • question assumptions, including your own, and will iterate quickly to see early results and get feedback
  • are a good communicator

Our Company and Product

Jump.Work is a Talent Platform in the business services space that applies innovative Behavioural Analysis and cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to reinvent the way professionals & companies discover and choose each other.

We all know companies that have transformed industries (e.g., Google, Netflix, Spotify) by analysing information about you and giving you personalized suggestions that seem to know you better then even yourself – but where is the equivalent for jobs? Netflix’s recommendations are not based on “back of the box” blurbs - instead, they extract traits from movies and match them to your taste, based on your interactions. So why are we still evaluating people based on their “blurbs,” i.e. their CVs?

We use a combination of unique behavioural data, machine learning, and of course efficient product development. We go beyond the CV and behaviour as input - in the form of specialised tests, text analysis and even usage of the platform itself. That data, plus feedback from our own internal operations team, is fed into custom matching algorithms and layered Deep Learning networks, to extract insights and find patterns that humans would otherwise not detect (or at least not at scale). The resulting predictions are sent back to the platform, and inform recommendations, filters and interview decisions.

This approach is disrupting both the recruitment agency model and "traditional" recruitment tech, and our early success confirms it: having chosen the legal sector as our initial target, we are already working with 30% of the top 50 law firms in the UK, and have over 35,000 professionals who are using Jump.Work to find their dream job.

Our longer-term goal is for the platform to be not only a preferred destination for transactional hiring, but a compelling, intuitive guide to planning and executing your career goals; and an efficient tool for managing a company's workforce throughout growth, evaluation and internal mobility.

We have just been awarded a highly sought-after £800k grant from UK Innovate to further build out and commercialise our matching engine, and are following up with investors to close a £1M funding round - and we are expanding our tech team! This is a super exciting time to join, as it’s still early enough that you'll help us shape the foundations of the platform and tackle some very interesting problems, yet we’ve already got enough usage, traction and data that you'll have a real, immediate effect on people's lives.

What now?

We're excited about this team expansion, and are very serious about finding the right mix of talent, passion and ownership that meets our values, and is necessary for an ambitious early-stage startup.

As we grow, the expectation is that you will too. All doors are open, from diving deeper into a technical speciality, to moving sideways into another area, to mentorship and leadership roles - in the end, it's down to you, your goals and your performance.

If you want to be a part of a big, ambitious story, get in touch to schedule an informal chat with our CTO.