Freelancer Landing Pages Designer (B2B + B2C)


In the busy world of recruitment, CVs & interview tips, Jump.Work’s mission has been to be different from the start. We believe hiring & job search should be as scientific as possible, combining behavioural science, data science & a love for understanding people's unique behaviour and passions. Through the platform, we help businesses & professionals understand what drives performance and passion, and help them find the right professional match for their roles and next career step.

We call this Performance Hiring. is already the fastest growing platform in the legal support space, working with some of the largest law firms in the world, hundreds of smaller clients and more than 25,000 candidates.

We have big, ambitious plans for the future. A key path to delivering our goals is to bring in expertise that can support our rapid growth plans. As part of setting up a scalable growth strategy, we’ll be testing different new acquisition channels for both professionals and business users in Q1 2019. To support us in this, we’re looking for an AdWords specialist to help lean test and build out our B2C marketing through AdWords, alongside the guidance of our internal marketing team.

Jump Work: we are a 2 sided marketplace. Jump.Work is a talent platform through which business hire business support professionals.

On the business acquisition side, we are expecting companies ranging from SMEs to large corporates to visit us. However, the most common purpose of the landing page will be to convert SMEs who are looking to hire for someone at the moment of the visit and thus, the landing page should cater to that. Our main hubs are London and Bristol.

On the professional acquisition side, we are expecting a range of professionals from across many different sectors to use our platform, so we would like to use landing pages to convert these potential leads into applications for the relevant jobs we have available, while in the more mid to long term we would like them to also serve the purpose of platform-specific/sign-up conversion.

We need to design a few landing pages - both B2B and B2C for our Adwords campaigns, and a few other paid marketing campaigns we're running. Need to be highly experienced in Conversion Landing pages/UX, and be able to design for simple implementation in either Hubspot or Instapage (no custom built).


Key B2B Landing page:

Landing page 1: Business Job posting


  • General: To build a consistent brand image across the website that is able to communicate clearly our USP.
  • Channel-Specific: To incentivise businesses to post a job on the platform through a simple, easy to understand landing page that has a clear CTA.


  • Short Term: Increase the Conversion Rate from the current 6% to 15% by end of Q4 2018.
  • Mid Term: Increase the Conversion Rate to 30% by end of Q1 2019.
  • Long Term: Build a recognisable brand embedded in the UX.

Progress So Far…

We have an outdated landing page ( that drives little conversions and is not up-to-date with our USP.


Short Term: We need a design that is able to convert the qualified traffic we have from our acquisition channels e.g. SEA. This particular design needs to be easy to customize, in a way that we can change the copy according to each Role Type we have. Furthermore, since we are undergoing a rebranding project, the design needs to be minimal, in a way that is can support further add-on in terms of branded graphics.

Long Term: Communicate through the landing pages our brand message and brand values.

B2C Marketing


  • B2C Marketing: To identify and establish channels for platform-based job-based acquisition that fulfil our criteria of being scalable (reach and measurability) and effective (predictability) channels.
  • Channel-Specific: To improve conversion rates for job-based acquisition through relevant and informative landing pages.


  • Short Term: Across M1 of landing pages being live, see increase in conversion rates from 5% to x and multiple applications (within timeframe?) to y
  • Mid Term: By end of Q1/Q2 2019, see substantial increase in conversion to x as well as multiple applications to y
  • Long-Term: Conversion rates to be at 50%, multiple applications at 33%, and time spent on platform/engagement with content at z


  • Short Term: Create a set of landing pages (3-4) to cover job-specific/decision-based acquisition for the team support (London) talent pool which is customisable, allowing us to not only clearly display a specific job opportunity, but draw attention to other relevant opportunities, thus with the dual aim of improving conversion across specific jobs and improving the percentage of multiple (relevant) applications from one user (within one timeframe).
  • Mid Term: Create a set of landing pages across a range of talent pools, and potentially even geographically specific, that achieve the same goals of improving conversions and multiple applications, as well as linking to more platform-specific content/nurturing campaigns that draw professionals into the platform, thus with the aim of improving sign up rates/talent pool acquisition.
  • Long Term: Create a set of landing pages that are fully customisable to set up across all talent pools and locations for both decision conversion and nurturing campaigns for job and platform acquisition.

Progress So Far…

So far, we have made no real attempt to build landing pages for B2C marketing, apart from an attempt on an AdWords experiment to build a job feed landing page from pre-filtered jobs in a certain category - this itself had many flaws and needs to be vastly improved, although the idea of a job feed could be an interesting concept.

Would you like to be considered?

Portfolio Request [Sunday 6th January]

If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, then please send us your portfolio by Sunday 6th January.

  • Can you give past examples that similar or relevant to our project
  • Examples of when you have faced similar challenges and solved them
  • What do you think is our biggest challenge, would you solve it?

Briefing Call

  • Week: 7th to 11th January - mostly likely Wed. 9th (10am - 12noon, or 3pm -6pm) or Thurs 10th (2-3pm)
  • The best applications will be shortlisted and we’ll conduct a first round call led by our COO & Co-founder Marja who leads the marketing team, in which we’ll be able to clarify the project scope.

Request for Proposal

By Wednesday 23rd January, we would like to have an initial plan of action and proposal for a first set of landing pages to use for the desired talent pool, which will include:

  • Concepts/drafts, ideas and suggestions, and structured experiment plan for initial phase of testing.
  • Budget and quote for work required to establish landing pages
  • Metrics and ways to track success, with suggestions of timeline/figures and expectations, targets etc.