In the busy world of recruitment, CVs & interview tips, Jump.Work’s mission has been to be different from the start. We believe hiring & job search should be as scientific as possible. We believe that at the very core, hiring is nothing more than predicting future behaviour.

Therefore, we asked ourselves: How do we help people predict future behaviour?

That’s where Jump.Work started, a mix of behavioural science, data science & a love for understanding people's unique behaviour and passions. Through the platform we help businesses & professionals understand what drives performance and passion, and help them find the right professional match for their roles and next career step.

We call this Performance Hiring.

Businesses can hire professionals who have the right mix of motivation, competencies and personality to succeed in their teams, while candidates can finally find the place where they can achieve what they want. We do this by looking far beyond traditional proxies such as CVs, and relying on behavioural data to better understand what matters!

As of today, we are the fastest growing platform in the legal support space, working with some of the largest law firms in the world, hundreds of smaller clients and more than 25k candidates. However, that’s only the beginning. We are going to bring Performance Hiring in every market in the world, changing recruitment forever.

Your Challenge: Help us build a Fantastic Product

To help us achieve this we are looking for a talent Product Manager (no previous product experience required!). This is a formidable role and one whose ability to impact the future direction of a company to such an extent is extremely rare!

In this role, you’ll be working alongside our CEO, to help translate our product vision into a fantastic product - some really cool, cutting-edge (super secret) features are coming up. You’ll be breaking down the problem, working closely with design to mock-up and test solutions, and align across our intelligence, account management, tech and design team to implement the right product features, in the right priority. All of these features are a mix of Design, Data and Engineering and will require you to work closely with our CEO across each of our teams.

At Jump.Work we believe in hiring for talent, not for experience. That’s why for this role, we’re looking for someone who is:

  • Passionate about our problem: a strong believe that an algorithm can be trained to make better-than-human judgements by excellently matching professionals and businesses, and a desire to be part of this journey from the (almost!) start.
  • Structured problem-solving: able to identify bottlenecks, problems and suggest and able to manage the product development process effectively so we meet our steep deadlines
  • Super people skills: love interacting with users, both internally and externally, and not afraid to go out there and test our product mock-ups with real users and get feedback
  • Grit & Goal oriented: not easily discouraged by setbacks, happy to work towards steep targets, hard-working and willing to really contribute and make it happen. This role is very hands-on and you’ll find yourself solving exciting problems as and when necessary.

You’ll also need excellent communications skills as you’ll be doing lots of user testing and working with copywriters and marketing. No product experience is required, but a background of 1-2+ years in Management Consulting, Start-ups or another problem-solving setting would be great.

This is a great step into product management. As we grow, the expectation is that you will too. For the right person there is an exciting career path in this role which will involve progressing to a new role in the company within a year.

Jump.Work is an amazing business to work in with a super exciting and executable vision - we have great clients and great traction! You’ll work with a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary team, and get involved in product development and innovation on a daily basis!

If you want to be a part of a big, ambitious story, then apply now by the 30th of October.