Paid Social Acquisition Freelancer Job Brief


In the busy world of recruitment, CVs & interview tips, Jump.Work’s mission has been to be different from the start. We believe hiring & job search should be as scientific as possible, combining behavioural science, data science & a love for understanding people's unique behaviour and passions. Through the platform, we help businesses & professionals understand what drives performance and passion, and help them find the right professional match for their roles and next career step.

We call this Performance Hiring. is already the fastest growing platform in the legal support space, working with some of the largest law firms in the world, hundreds of smaller clients and more than 25k candidates. However, that’s only the beginning. We are going to bring Performance Hiring in every market in the world, changing recruitment forever.

We have big, ambitious plans for the future. A key path to delivering our goals is building a team that can support our rapid growth plans. It is an exciting time to join Jump as we enter the new year, we are launching our rebrand, taking on many new, large clients and doubling our team. We are searching for a talented and motivated Paid Social Freelancer who can take ownership of projects and help push Jump to the next level!

This is the right for you if…

You enjoy meeting steep targets, and building and optimising new Paid Social Acquisition Marketing campaigns, specialising in Facebook and Instagram. A great problem-solving ability and initiative on challenging marketing problems is a must, and you need to be comfortable taking ownership of Paid Social Acquisition Marketing processes.

You must be able to demonstrate a proven record with past examples of where you’ve set up a successful Paid Social Marketing strategies from scratch, focusing explicitly on B2C and user acquisition.

In addition, it’d be great if you have strong experiences in any or several of these areas:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid Social Analytics
  • Hubspot (A Plus!)

Your challenge: Develop a comprehensive Paid Social marketing strategy, to include;

  1. Creation and implementation of paid social channels and Strategy best suited to B2C Acquisition.
  2. Allow for detailed strategy on localising paid social, along with linking with specific search terms, and landing pages.
  3. Creation of best practices, guidelines, and resources to help understand the theory behind these channels, and to allow for in house operation once the project is completed.
  4. Establishing metrics, along with time-bound realistic measurements for success.
  5. Implementation of analytics programs to monitor paid social activity.
  6. Integrating these channels with our Hubspot based Inbound marketing software and strategy


Short Term: Establish effective job-specific, decision-based acquisition campaigns targeting and converting high-quality leads based on relevant audiences.

Mid Term: Explore and experiment with the scope of paid social for long terms nurturing campaigns, whilst running Lead Capture at the same time

Long Term: Affiliations/partnerships, events, groups and communities, capitalise on the other opportunities of social channels that is, importantly, aligned with our branding & values.

What Success means to us:

1. Volume and consistency of high - quality leads driven by this channel. We have a specific target audience based on role type, location and seniority in roles; as well as where they are in their job search, and need a target that will be able to accomodate this.

2. Cost of Acquisition - to begin with, this can be defined as the ability to accurately track this metric, with the specific, longer-term aim of reducing this to a figure in line with our current CAC.

3. Scalability - This formula should be able to serve as a template to future campaigns.

Goals and Success

Short Term

  • We meet the three criteria of what makes an effective and scalable acquisition channel.
  • It proves to be a predictable channel (within the margin of error) that while not capital efficient, has clear areas of improvement and refinement that can make it so.

Mid Term: A capital efficient channel (by end of Q1 2019) that is predictable across clients across the sales funnel

Long Term: Leverage our brand in real life situations i.e brand awareness

Would you like to be considered?

Portfolio Request [Sunday 6th January]

If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, then please send us your portfolio by Sunday 6th January.

  • Can you give past examples that similar or relevant to our project
  • Examples of when you have faced similar challenges and solved them
  • What do you think is our biggest challenge, would you solve it?

Briefing Call [Week: 7th to 11th January - mostly likely Wed. 9th (10am - 12noon, or 3pm -6pm) or Thurs 10th (2-3pm)]

The best applications will be shortlisted and we’ll conduct a first round call led by our COO & Co-founder Marja who leads the marketing team, in which we’ll be able to clarify the project scope.

Proposal [Wednesday 23rd January]

After this we’ll ask you to put a proposal together on how you’d address this challenge, which goals and metrics you’d track, and what the scope (time commitment and price) you’d expect to commit to, to make this project a success.

  • What strategy would you put in place: Project plan, Milestones
  • What success looks like: Goals, success metrics
  • Project scope: proposed costs, time commitment and duration

Request for Proposal

By Wednesday 23rd January, we would like a full proposal and plan of action for the first phase of experimentation for these channels. This will include: All preliminary research into strategy with ideas and suggestions for process, content, timetables etc.

Please also include an estimate for the budget required for initial time period, as well as estimated budget for the long term, and estimations for timeline of CAC refinement, and acquisition success targets.

Suggestions for metrics we can use to track progress, and targets or ranges that represent success for these metrics.

If you are interested in this opportunity, we would love to hear from you! Send over your portfolio by the 6th of January