Legal Expert - Assessment Creation

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Legal Expert - Assessment Creation

Job description

About Jump.Work

At Jump.Work, our mission is to transform the recruitment market through data. There is a fundamental mismatch between professionals and companies in the labour market due to asymmetry of information, which is why we are disrupting this GBP20bn market with smart, algorithm-driven matching technology that allows companies to find the most suitable professionals for their needs by understanding their real skills & talents. We have already made a successful entry into the white-collar market, matching administrative & secretarial, legal, and finance & accounting professionals with leading companies across London.


What we are looking for:

We are looking for a UK qualified Paralegal/Lawyer, experienced in recruiting Paralegals for their teams, or with a background in recruitment, who can help develop screening assessments for paralegals across different practice areas.


What we need to achieve together:

We want to develop a short online, multiple-choice assessment for the specific skills required for each of the practice areas. Practice areas will include, among others, commercial law, property & conveyancing, wills & probate, civil litigation, immigration and private client.


The test will be based on real work situations and will ask candidates to answer what they would do in the scenario. Each scenario should represent cover the most common skills/tasks for the specific role.


Examples would include:

  • (Paralegal - general) Legal Research
  • (Paralegal - commercial litigation) Legal Document Review

This is an ongoing engagement, either part-time or full-time for a fixed period, starting asap, and we will consider freelancers specialised in one specific area, considering the knowledge might be specific.


How to apply:

If you'd like to apply for this assignment, please answer the following questions:

  1. How would you approach this project? With which skills/roles would you start first?
  2. How would you understand each skill and create a scenario? Please pick one role/skill and give an example?
  3. How would you check the tests are fair and test what they have to test.
  4. Make an actual screening question: How would you draft the question + multiple choice options for someone who has to do document review in a commercial litigation case?

We can do this project on an hourly or fixed price basis, to be discussed on the scope. It will be run with clear milestones, starting first with one skill/scenario, and after with one full role, after with other roles/skills.