Tom West

Tom West

Content Marketing Assistant – Growth

Self-proclaimed entrepreneur, I’m a man of tiny stature with big aspirations to take Jump into the stratosphere; by spreading the Jump gospel through the means of top quality content. 

Speaking of the stratosphere, I’ve also been developing my own business plan (over the last 20+ years) for MEGAPLANE TM - the world’s first standing aviation travel business, that I aim to fund entirely from my winnings as a world-class NFL punter. Like I said, big aspirations.

In my spare time, find me down the ol’ Sam Smith’s sipping on a crisp Taddy’s lager, second only to the sweet nectar of the Newkie Brown Ale - the world’s finest. And if I ain’t there, I’m probably getting smashed by Oscar at Madden, maybe American Football isn't the way. 

Nothing’s gonna stop my dreams though.





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